Chicago Man Charged with Aggravated DUI In Christmas Eve Crash That Killed Daughter

According to The Chicago Tribune, a Chicago man from the Englewood neighborhood has been charged with aggravated DUI following the Christmas Eve crash that killed his 8-year-old daughter:,0,2070945.story

Suburban Chicago Police Chief’s Plan to Tweet Names of DUI Suspects on Hold

Riverside police chief’s plan to tweet the names of those arrested for DUI has been put on hold due to public reaction to the plan.   The information Chief Tom Weitzel would tweet is all publicly accessible.  However, according to CBS Chicago news, Weitzel says he is holding off tweeting offenders’ names, pending a legal opinion he’s requested from the Attorney General.  Get the full story here:

How much does an Illinois Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device Cost?

DuPage County DUI lawyer Marilyn A. Miller wants you to know the consequences of a DUI charge or conviction in Illinois.  For example, how much does a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device  or BAIID cost in Illinois?  Illinois DUI law provides that the Offender will have to pay the following fees for the BAIID:

1.  Installation fee is approx. $100 (paid to the vendor they choose)

2. Monthly rental of the device $80 approx. (paid to the vendor they choose)

3.  Monthly monitoring fee $30 (paid to the Sec. Of State for the monthly monitoring of the device).

If you are charged with DUI in Illinois, call DuPage County DUI lawyer Marilyn A. Miller at 630-424-8816.

Illinois DUI Arrests

Illinois DUI Arrests by City

Curious about Illinois DUI arrests and what Illinois cities have the most DUI arrests?  Wheaton DUI Lawyer Marilyn A. Miller says do not drink and drive.  According to recently released information by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM), the Chicago suburbs with the most DUI arrests are Naperville, Carol Stream, Aurora and Elmhurst.  Check out the complete list of Illinois police departments with the most Illinois DUI arrests courtesy of AAIM:

Therefore, do not drink and drive . . . especially, in these Illinois cities. For more info regarding DUI, visit Wheaton DUI Lawyer.