Chicago Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Chicago Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ms. Miller is an experienced Chicago federal criminal defense lawyer with years of experience defending federal criminal defendants in the Eastern Division of the United States District Court for Northern Illinois.  .  The conviction rate for defendants in Federal Court is over 90 percent.  In addition, the penalties for federal crimes are very severe.  Therefore, you need an attorney who is experienced in defending people in Federal Court.  So call 630-424-8816 to discuss the best defense of your federal criminal case.

Federal Crimes Overview

Federal crimes charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago may include offenses such as:

  1. Drug Conspiracy and Federal Drug Trafficking;
  2. Immigration Offenses such as Illegal entry and Illegal re-entry;
  3. Federal Firearms Offenses, Federal Perjury, Federal Mail Fraud;
  4. Federal Bank Robbery, Federal Bank Fraud, Federal mortgage loan Fraud, Money Laundering;
  5. Bankruptcy Fraud and Federal Identity Theft.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and its investigative agencies use every available tool to investigate and develop a case with a goal to convict the accused.  The U.S. Attorney’s office thoroughly documents and prepares most cases by experienced Assistant U.S. Attorneys. Accordingly, overcoming such powerful forces requires a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney experienced in federal criminal law and the defense of federal criminal cases.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines play an important part in the defense of a federal criminal case. Although federal judges now have greater discretion in sentencing, the statutory sentencing limits for the offense of conviction still control.  Therefore, retain an attorney who presents the mitigating factors in your case to minimize your sentence in Federal Court.

So call Marilyn A. Miller at 630-424-8816 to set-up an office consultation to discuss your rights, defense and the possible consequences based on the federal sentencing guidelines.

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